Screen Design

Screen Design

 CylancePROTECT Mobile App UI

Cylance was a cybersecurity startup, focused on Enterprise and SMB customers. After raising a $100MM series C they grew to incorporate their security product and AI engine for consumers. Cylance Smart Antivirus was born, and needed an app user interface design for home users, to manage a family’s devices from an app. After months of trying, our in-house product design teams were stuck. With the first customer demos coming up, we needed a best in class UI design for the UX workflows. The focus of the UX/UI design project with the Cylance team was the application of our design system. With the design system completed, the application to the prototype was ready 6 weeks later.


Cylance Custom PowerPoint Template

The Brand Design Team built a PPT Template from the ground up. The ensuing 65+ slides were built in master slides and included, light + dark slide variations, charts, tables, graphs, and design resources from our design system. These included: icons, product logos, color palettes, and any other components we could think to include that would empower our users aka the growing employee base. We even provided a set of presentation guidelines.


Interactive Trade Show Touchscreen

Interactive touch screen UI/UX for major trade shows and events. The touch screen was designed to engage the audience and allow them to explore, not only the products, but the technology behind the products. Making the technical details user friendly and fun to interact with. After exploring the interface, users could speak with a floor sales rep, indulge in promotional videos made especially for the event by our VFX team, or view and send themselves additional resources, such as datasheets and white papers.