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Skiver Branding

Skiver Advertising. "Communicating Ideas."

If you want to get technical, Skiver is an Integrated Creative Agency. But at the end of the day the simplest version of what the agency was doing, was Communicating Ideas. That was the core concept that drove the agency's logo design and brand persona. Easy to work with, driven to the core and inspired by the passion to be a full-service agency delivering creative solutions across all media. Digital. Traditional. Social and TV / Video Production. Ideas to get you noticed. 

The beauty of a project of this nature is the freedom. The idea came to life in the applications. Double thick cover, debossed business cards, diecut logo mark stickers, QR code stickers, blog names, portfolio covers and videos meant no idea was off limits. We even branded our weekly agency music event. New Music Thursdays. Every Thursday, a member of Skiver picks an album they’d like to share with the rest of the agency. And we play it at 3pm. Kinda loud. It doesn’t have to be a new artist, just new to the agency.